Update: support the new formats on Xcode 14 for iOS / macOS / watchOS

Generate mobile app icons with all sizes

Support JPG/PNG/PSD source files, at best with resolutions 1024x1024

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Generation options
iOS, watchOS 及 Windows Phone 默认是白色。其他平台默认透明
适用于 macOS、Android、Quasar、Web App 及自定义大小
iOS 即 appiconset;Android 即正常的图标(支持透明背景);均为正方形
iOS 将生成 imageset(原图 / @2x / @3x,支持透明背景);Android 将生成宽度按照 3:4:6:8:12:16 的比例排列的 l/m/h/xh/xxh/xxxh 序列。上传的图片将作为最大尺寸,其他尺寸等比缩小。如需其他尺寸,请使用下面的自定义大小
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Android 相关
Web App 相关

Support generating iOSAndroid and PhoneGap mobile app icons. Follow AppleGoogle official standards

Features: support customizing sizes, auto radius, badges and more. Support web app, watchOS and more platforms

Preview how the icons look on difference devices, so you can adjust the design without deployment

Optimize icons, especially small sizes to ensure the sharpness and reduce the memory usage